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Taxi order

You can order at any address in Nantes or its surroundings, whatever your destination, via :
  • the apps Hep!Taxis on Appstore and Play Store
  • our customer relations center on 02 40 85 40 85
With the Hep! Taxis, available on iOs and Android, you can find out the duration and the amount of your trip. The estimates communicated to you are purely indicative, but nevertheless take traffic into account (by Google Maps). However, exceptional traffic hazards and other unforeseeable events (strikes, demonstrations, weather conditions, etc.) liable to delay the arrival of the taxi at your pick-up address and increase the duration of the journey are not taken into account. In all cases, allow sufficient safety margin. For all orders for stations and airports, we recommend adding a margin of 30 and 45 minutes respectively to the estimated time.
You can pay your order deferred, by downloading the Hep app! Taxis and by registering your bank card. Remember to select "CB registered" at the time of validation. At the end of your race, we will collect the amount of your race and send your invoice by e-mail. For requests to open a professional customer account (large number of trips each month), please contact us at
No worries, be sure to let us know where your train / plane is coming from and the estimated time of arrival. For a departure from Nantes station, please exit on the south side.
No, in the event of a delay in your train or flight, our drivers will wait without charging you for the wait. Be careful, however, because if you are responsible for the delay (for example, want to have a coffee or smoke a cigarette before taking the taxi), the wait will be billed.
Please order by phone (02 40 85 40 85) and inform our adviser. Our customer relations center will then search for a taxi driver who will be willing to transport you knowingly. If the urgency of the situation requires it, we advise you to refer to an ambulance service.


Yes. This is the minimum amount of support. As soon as you get in a taxi, the driver activates his taximeter. From this moment, the regulatory amount is automatically displayed on the counter. In Loire Atlantique, this amount is 2.50 euros.
This is called the approach counter. When you order a Hep! Taxis, the search for a taxi is done on the one that is free and the closest to your address. When a driver confirms the race, he switches on his taximeter as required by the regulations. The amount of the approach counter is around € 6 in Nantes and its outskirts.
Pricing provides an additional 2.50 euros per additional passenger from the fifth passenger regardless of age. In addition, a supplement for baggage may be charged from the 4th baggage per passenger. Clearly, unless you move, you will not have extra baggage !

Taxi route

When a taxi is booked, without a traveler still on board, the regulations stipulate that he can leave without waiting in the event that parking is impossible, or if the traveler has not paid the driver the amount entered on the meter plus '' one hour wait as a deposit. In addition, it too often happens that the customer who has retained the taxi changes his mind without having warned or takes the first taxi encountered on the street without waiting for the one assigned to him. This is why we advise you to be present 5 minutes at the latest after the agreed time.
When in service, the taxi driver is required to stop his taxi while en route at the request of customers who wish to either bring down accompanying persons or bring up other people. However, if the taxi has reservations to come and the change of route compared to the initial route is too large, it will direct you to another taxi which will pick you up and continue the journey.
The taxi driver must agree to support a minimum of 4 passengers. More specifically, it is prohibited for it to refuse to take charge of passengers when the number of passengers authorized by the vehicle registration card allows, unless the corresponding seats have been removed from the vehicle. The handling of more than 4 passengers gives rise to the application of a supplement per additional adult person in addition to the amount of the trip.
Yes. Taxi drivers are required to lead travelers to their destination by the route they consider most direct or most suitable, unless the travelers indicate another. The most suitable path may be the shortest in case you are not in a hurry. Otherwise, the taxi will take the quickest route, which may be longer and more expensive. In all cases, the taxi driver must comply with the passenger's wishes.
To find out if a taxi is free, you can look at its light: if it is lit in green, the taxi is free. If it is off or lit red, it is busy. If the taxi you are calling on is indeed free, the driver is required to stop, unless he is located less than 300 meters from a taxi stand. In which case, he is required to go to the station and get into the queue. However, it may happen that a taxi lit in green is on its way to make a reservation, but has not yet switched on its approach meter. He will therefore not be able to take care of you.
Taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse travelers, unless they wish to be driven beyond the limits of the department of Loire Atlantique. There are, however, exceptions: a taxi can refuse to take charge of a customer who is intoxicated, accompanied by an animal (except guide dogs), or likely to soil or damage their vehicle. In addition, a taxi can refuse to transport dangerous materials or objects.
The taxi driver must comply with your wish to operate the radio and adjust the volume.

Taxi Race Requests

You can order a taxi that can carry up to 7 people, only by phone. We will provide you with a minivan or a van, depending on your needs. If you are traveling with your family, the regulations allow taxis to transport children under the age of 10 without a suitable car seat. We can nevertheless offer you a suitable seat for an amount of 20 euros for a booster seat, and 30 euros for a 0-1-2 group seat. (Article R.412-1 of the Highway Code)
If the trip is less than 25 €, it is up to you to request it from the driver. Otherwise the latter must systematically give you this proof. Our company cannot send you this proof a posteriori. If you have booked through the application and have registered your bank card, you will automatically receive the invoice by email.
Taxi drivers are free to refuse baggage which cannot be carried by hand. They are also prohibited from loading luggage or parcels inside vehicles likely to soil or damage carpets and benches or to leave a bad smell. However, once the baggage has been accepted, the driver is required to transport it to its destination. In all cases, the driver is not required to participate in the loading / unloading of bulky packages. For security reasons, we advise you to warn from the start or to seek advice from our call center advisers (02 40 85 40 85) who will confirm (or not) whether your request is "acceptable" and will send you, if necessary , a station wagon or a people carrier better suited to your needs.
Yes, a taxi can refuse any animal care, with the exception of visually impaired dogs. But most of our drivers accept animals, whether they are caged or small. If you have ordered your taxi via the Hep! Taxis and you mentioned the presence of your animal to the operator who processed your request, the latter necessarily assigned you a taxi that accepts pets. The driver has been informed of your wish and will take care of you accompanied by your pet. In all cases report the presence of the animal in advance.

Payment method

All Hep! Taxis drivers have a payment card terminal and must accept this payment method, regardless of the amount of the journey.
If you did not specify that you will pay for the journey by bank check at the time of your order or if you took your taxi on the street, the driver is free to refuse. We remind you that Hep! Taxis all accept credit cards, cash, American Express and payments via the app.

Various questions

If you ordered your taxi via, the app or by phone, you can call us on, our adviser will ask you to identify the driver (date and time of the race in particular) . If this is not the case, we advise you to contact the Lost and Found Service of the Nantes City Hall where Nantes taxi drivers must deposit forgotten objects within 48 hours in their vehicle.
All taxi vehicles are fitted with a light on the roof with the inscription "TAXI", a taximeter (counter) installed on the dashboard or on the rear view mirror, visible from the rear seats. When observing from outside the vehicle, the driver's professional card must be affixed in the lower right corner of the windshield (card in credit card format with the driver's photo). Finally, a price poster must be visible once installed in the taxi.
They indicate the different legal tariffs applicable depending on the time or day. These letters can be found on the horokilometric counter (taximeter), which allows you to check the validity of the rates applied. The prices in force must also be displayed in the vehicle for the view of customers. You can consult the Loire Atlantique taxi fares here:
Yes, it is even highly recommended, especially during times of high demand. See attendance table
As in all trades where it is practiced, tips are optional and cannot be claimed. It is however a custom in the profession, it is therefore at the free appreciation of the customers.
Nothing could be simpler, just download the app for your iPhone, or your Android smartphone, and simulate your journey. Be careful to specify the departure and arrival addresses, and also the day and time.
The tariffs are regulated by department and are determined each year by prefectural decree. The prices are identical for all the towns of Loire Atlantique. You will find below the prefectural decree:
When a customer gets into a taxi in a station, the driver starts his taximeter on which the amount of the support is displayed (i.e. € 2.50)
The night rate is applicable from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

We are available for take your call 24h/24, 7d/7 !

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